Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for New Players and Teams Looking to Join America’s Finest City Softball League.


Is America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) only open to the LGBTQ+ Community?

No! While the league is marketed predominantly in the LGBTQ+ community, anyone, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity, is welcome to play in our league. Playing in our league should not be considered an indicator of any particular sexual orientation or gender identity.

How long is a season?

In the spring season teams will play an average of ten weekends (around 20 games total) not including the playoff tournament weekend.

In the fall season teams will play an average of 5 weekends (around 10 games) no including the playoff tournament weekend.

How much does it cost to play in AFCSL?

Our Spring Season Player Fee is $85.

This league fee covers the cost of field permits, equipment bases, softballs, first-aid kits, and trophies, and various other league operational expenses.

Each player may also need to pay an additional funds, to help their team cover the cost of uniforms and supplementary fees. Some teams defray this cost by getting sponsors/partners such as local bars, restaurants or small businesses. The more sponsors/partners pay, the less you do!

Interested in Sponsoring a team? Contact us at

What Equipment do I need to buy?

Most teams have bats to share, or they buy them collectively out of team funds. You are expected to provide your own fielder’s glove and rubber-soled cleats, sneakers are allowed but no metal cleats.

If you are new to softball and aren’t sure which glove to get check out this helpful guide. You specifically want a glove for slow-pitch softball.

I'm a new player, am I allowed to move teams after I am assigned?

While we try our best to ensure players end up on teams that are a good fit for their skill level and interests, we know that we don’t always get it right.

AFCSL wants to ensure that all players have a positive and fun experience in our league. If you are not enjoying your time in the league, reach out to your division rep or the assistant commissioner within two weeks of the end of the second recruitment day to discuss options.

How do I know if my playing ability (or lack thereof) is appropriate for AFCSL?

We offer a place for players of all skill levels to play softball in a friendly and fun environment.

The league is currently divided into Open (mixed gender) division and Women+ division. Each division represents a different skill level and competitive attitude, from the highly competitive to the purely recreational. We have a place for everyone!

When are the games?

Most all Spring and Fall softball games are on Sunday. Playing is usually between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. Game times are listed on website under schedule.

How do I know if games are cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather?

There are several ways to check the status of games:

  1. Official announcements are posted on the home page: look for a green or red bar.
  2. We also post updates to games on our Facebook Page.
  3. Emails are sent out to players via TeamSnap emails.

Messages are usually sent out around 7:30AM for early morning games. They might recommend you check back if you have afternoon games—fields may become playable later in the day on sunny days.

Is the league only about softball?

Absolutely not! AFCSL is a great way to meet people.

There are many organized AFCSL events such as:

  • Season Opening Party
  • Awards Party
  • Autumn Classic Tournament
  • Individual team fundraisers throughout the year
  • Weekly post-game outings to sponsor bars/restaurants

Check out the AFCSL Facebook Page to keep up with League Events & Fundraisers.

Are there ways to develop leadership skills or opportunities to volunteer?

Yes! Our league is entirely volunteer run. We look to players to manage teams, attend board meetings, be a member of a standing committee, volunteering at Recruitment Day, and many other opportunities.

We also have a governing board with each role holding specific responsibilities in AFCSL.

Tell your manager if you are interested in getting involved in league activities or email us at so we can help get you involved!

I don’t want to play but I’d like to be involved with a team. Is that an option?

Yes, the league has a status called “non-player.”

These individuals contribute in ways such as keeping score, coaching a base or serving as cheerleader. These folks pay a $85 non-player membership fee, primarily to be covered under the league’s insurance.

Note: Only registered Players and Non-Players are covered by our league's insurance and can be in the dugout and on the field. If an individual is not registered, they must remain in the stands to ensure everyone’s safety.

OK, I’m sold! I want to play! What do I do?

Fall Season players only need to register and submit payment when registration opens in late summer. Our Assistant Commissioners will then create mixed level teams (still in Open and Women+ divisions) for that season.

Spring Season begins with two weekends of new player recruitment days held in late March/Early April. You only need to attend ONE recruitment day. You have your best chance of getting on a team there. Please check our website for the dates, times and locations.

What does the New Player Recruitment Day like?

The new player recruitment day exists to make sure players of various skill levels are assigned to the proper division. It isn't a "try-out" rather an opportunity for us to make sure you have a fun and successful first season in AFCSL.

Players are selected by team managers based on skill level and the needs of each team in a division. The event lasts for one to two hours and will consist of light fielding and hitting drills.

If you are attending one of these events, please get there early so you can register and warm up. Try to bring a glove of your own, but if you do not have one we will do our best to provide one for you.