In Memoriam

Since AFCSL started in 1981, the height of the AIDS pandemic was just a few years away. Since then, many of the founding and early members of our league fell to the ravages of the disease. As our league grew, we have lost so much of that early history. Through a generous grant from Gilead, the makers of Truvada, Descovy, and Biktarvy, the AFCSL has developed this In Memoriam page to capture the history we've lost and remember those who helped tell the early story of San Diego's oldest and largest sports organization by and for the Queer community and our allies.
We Need You!
To help reclaim our history we need our existing and former players (and their families) to tell us about the ones we've lost. Share their memories, their histories and any information you can think of. Get us a photo so we can put faces to names and we will share them on this page, where their memories will live on forever.
How To Submit
Please send an email to and include the following details.
Player Name
History with AFCSL (When did they play with us? Doesn't need to be exact. Teams they played on, Accomplishments?)
Tell us about them. Any information you can think of. Any funny stories.
Please include a photo.
Your name and relationship to the person.
Once we get all this info, we might reach out for more information before we publish it on the page. We will update the page once per month.
Thank you for helping us reclaim our history.

our friends who made it to home

Wyatt Strehlow