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  • 10 Weeks of Spring Season and/or 5 weeks of Fall Season 
  • Happy Hours and Events
  • Great Facilities for League Games
  • Peer-Managed and Coached, USA Umpires and Administrators
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Thank you for visiting the website for America's Finest City Softball League (AFCSL), San Diego's softball league by and for the LGBT Community! Founded in 1982, we are San Diego's oldest recreational softball league. With nearly 40 teams and over 600 players, managers, and coaches, we are also San Diego's largest softball league as well as San Diego's largest LGBTQ+ sporting league. Whether you were born with a ball in your hand, or are just learning how to throw, we have a home for you!

While we boast some of the most successful gay softball teams in the world the AFCSL also is very welcoming to new players just trying the sport out.

For more information, click here â??> INFO Please include your name, number and let us know you are interested in the next available season.  

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