Given New CDC, State, and County guidelines, Things are changing quickly.

Please check back periodically for current safety guidelines.

AFCSL COVID-19 Safety Protocol



The safety and wellbeing of our softball family is the top priority for our AFCSL Board of Officers, and it’s one we share with you, our players, fans and umpires. We truly are all in this together.


It is in this spirit we are announcing our 2021 AFCSL Spring Softball COVID-19 Safety Measures. These measures not only comply with those requirements laid out by the State of California and local jurisdictions that house our fields, but in many cases our plans exceed them.


COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • STAY HOME if you don’t feel well, are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Follow the instructions given by the on-site COVID-19 Safety Monitor at all times
  • Informed Consent document must be signed by every participant prior to participation
  • Line-up cards will be used for contact-tracing purposes if necessary: make them legible
  • Social distancing will be observed at all times when not on the field
    • 6-feet standard in dugouts (use bleacher areas to further spread out)
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available in each dugout
  • Masks must be worn properly throughout the complex and at all times, except when playing offense or defense. Exceptions: The catcher and umpire will wear masks.
    • For the first five weeks of the season, the Open Section will wear masks at all times, including while playing all positions on offense and defense. After five weeks the Open Section will review and may revise or retain this requirement.
  • No sharing of food or drink
  • Each team will play 1 opponent twice each week (some teams may have a bye)
  • No pre-game, in-game, post-game cheers, handshakes, high fives


It will be up to each of us, every participant, to follow these safety guidelines. Participation in our 2021 season is conditional upon your agreement to them. Further, these standards will be enforced by our on-site COVID-19 Safety Monitors so we can keep everyone safe. When it’s determined someone is not following these protocols, they may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including ejection from the game, facilities and even suspension from further participation.


As the situation continues to evolve in California and in San Diego county, it’s possible some of these restrictions may be changed by state and local authorities. If and when that happens, we will review our safety measures accordingly. Additionally, we may add or remove safety measures based on changing guidelines and will communicate them out quickly and broadly.


By acknowledging this document, you are attesting that you understand these guidelines are mandatory and promise to abide by them.