San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN) is the top-read news source for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of San Diego. SDGLN provides in-depth coverage on issues of importance to the LGBT community and our allies.


SDGLN provides a comprehensive platform to reach the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community by utilizing a suite of services to include e-mail marketing, banner advertising, text messaging, social networking, and many other innovative forms of new media. Through SDGLN, you are able to reach a wider audience than ever before and fully brand your business to our highly brand loyal community.

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Providing Daily News Coverage

Reflecting the 24-hour media cycle that readers expect, SDGLN features daily news and commentary complete with a weekly wrap-up of our featured stories delivered to our 18,500-plus e-mail subscribers every week.

Connecting the Community Through Social Media

Harnessing the power of social networking, SDGLN engages our readers in stories, causes and events – connecting them to fellow community members through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Comprehensive Coverage of Issues

SDGLN has partnerships with established media sources who contribute content reflecting their core coverage areas. You will also see commentary and columns by community leaders and up-and-coming next generation leaders in our community.


Most importantly, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News has set out to change the tone and tenor of the dialogue on issues important to the LGBT community. Our community has much to be proud of and we can accomplish so much - if we remain committed to positive change within our own community and beyond.

As a proud member of the San Diego LGBT community, it is our hope that San Diego Gay & Lesbian News will help build a bridge between the segments that may divide our community, creating a platform on which all of us can come together and stand as one in our quest for equality.