AFCSL Code of Conduct

As voluntary participants in the AFCSL, participants agree to conduct themselves in a responsible manner consistent with good sportsmanship. This manner, reflective of the integrity and spirit of the league and it’s participants, is expected to be maintained at all league sponsored and affiliated meetings, events, tournaments and play. This includes off the field at any league complex during league play or tournaments. The Board of Officers has the authority to impose penalties against players/teams/managers and other participants on violations of the code of conduct. Obviously it is not possible to list each and every circumstance which might give rise to penalties. Participants may face warnings, disqualification, suspension, game ejections and or termination/expulsion from league activities as deemed proper by the Umpire in Charge, the Hearing Officer (Assistant Commissioner) and/or the Board of Officers and which is reasonable under the circumstances. The mere existence of a variety of possible penalties does not establish any requirement of a sequence of penalties. In a particular circumstance, even a single incident could result in expulsion from league activities.

The following violations require a minimum of one (1) year disqualification or suspension of eligibility and forfeiture of monies paid or due the player or team.

1. Physical violence

2. Tournament misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct at a tournament

3. Commission of fraud (such as playing under an assumed name, falsifying a roster)

4. Receiving professional consideration (such as money or cash prizes)

5. Competing with a suspended or ineligible player

Actions related to the following violations are within the discretion of the game official(s), Hearing Officer (Asst. Commissioner), Umpire in Charge, and/or the Board of Officers. Players and/or teams are subject to warnings, game ejections, suspension or other appropriate actions up to and including expulsion from the league, depending on the circumstance of the situation

1. Participants may not threaten or flagrantly disrespect the umpire or umpires decisions. The team manager is responsible for maintaining control of players while on the field and spectators associated with the team

2. Participants may not threaten or flagrantly disrespect players, coaches, managers or spectators

3. Unnecessary physical contact with other players or rough tactics on the field is prohibited

4. Use of profanity or other flagrantly degrading/obscene language in any manner is prohibited

5. Use of alcohol or intoxicating substances before or during a game

6. Throwing any objects for any reason that could be dangerous

7. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations for any playing area used by the AFCSL.

Any player who is ejected by an umpire, Umpire in Charge and/or Board Officer is automatically suspended from their team’s next scheduled game. The Board of Officers and the Umpire in Charge have the authority to use discretion and act on unsportsmanlike conduct, not expressly listed here depending on the circumstances.

Code Violation Procedures:

1. Notification: The team or individual will be notified in writing of the code violation within a reasonable time following the violation. The AFCSL Hearing Officer shall attempt to ensure that written notification occurs within (5) working days of the incident. However, failure to notify within five (5) days does not bar the AFCSL from acting on the violation

2. Hearing: Violations will be heard by either the Hearing Officer or if the Hearing Officer is not available, by a League Co-Commissioner. A hearing may be either in person or by writing. A participant who has been charged with a violation may request, in writing, an “in person” hearing. This is to expedite the hearing of violations. For violations that involve a sanction of less than a one year suspension or longer, or expulsion, the ruling is final.

3. Review: Violations for which the penalty recommended by the Hearing Officer is expulsion from league activities or suspension for one (1) year or longer shall be reviewed by the Board of Officers. The participant affected may submit a written appeal of the findings of the Hearing Officer. The Board of Officers may affirm the findings of the Hearing Officer or amend. If the Board of Officers amends the findings of the Hearing Officer, it must issue its own findings regarding the alleged violation(s). The decision of the Board of Officers is will be final whether affirming or amending the findings of the Hearing Officer

4. After a hearing or review, a written decision will be issued in a reasonable time, if possible five (5) working days of the hearing. However, failure to issue a decision in that time shall not bar the Board of Officers from acting on the violation.

5. Team Managers will be notified of changes in the Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of Team Managers to notify their players of changes.  As a voluntary participant of the AFCSL, by signing this document, you attest that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the AFCSL Code of Conduct and agree to conduct yourself in a responsible manner consistent with good sportsmanship as required to represent the AFCSL. This includes all league sponsored or affiliated meetings, events, tournaments and play. In addition, the Code of Conduct covers “off the field” behavior at any league complex while play is occurring.

The AFCSL Board of Officers has the authority to impose penalties and/or appropriate action on players/participants and/or teams in violation of the Code of Conduct. Authority may also be exercised to use discretion and act on unsportsmanlike violations not explicitly stated in this Code.